Treating Bed Bugs in Montreal
May 6, 2016
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January 6, 2017
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All about Bed Bugs Detection

punaise-litYou wake up this morning with a byte or found a bed bug crawling on you. In both situations you have to take appropriate measures in order to get rid of the bed bugs. The reason is simple, the bed bugs is a very difficult insect to control without the help of professionals.

If you have a bite on your body you have to be sure that it is a bed bug bite and not other insect. Then proceed to the detection. If it is a small scale infestation is difficult to detect. Surely you can use the service bed-bug-excrementsof K9 or Canine detection but before paying a considerable amount of money try to detect yourself.

You are asking yourself how you get bed bugs in your home or apartment. We have a simple answer: everywhere; kindergarten, office, hotel, pool, with old furniture etc. They might travel on your clothes or your luggage, specifically from the hotels. Your kids may take it from the kinbed-bugs-on-the-mattressdergarten or school or you can buy or take old woody furniture, it might be a sofa, wardrobe or the bed (mattress or box spring).

So, the inspection means looking the place where you sleep, it is the bed, mattress or bed frame. Do the detection in early morning or during the night because the bed bugs are more active at night. They look like an apple seed and the color is dark brown, redish to light brown. The bed bugs install their nest close to your head on tbed-bug-defenderhe mattress because they feel the CO2 of your breath. The bed bugs are usually hiding inside the crevices and cracks, leaving small black or dark brown dots (the excrements), this traces are usually alienated.

If you found one you have to take the appropriate methods, use a mattress and box spring encasement to prevent the damage of your bed. Use interceptors (plastic cans) to trap them. You also can use the Vaseline around the legs of the bad. All this methods have less impact so best is to use the service of professional exterminators.

What Amiral Service Inc. do?
We apply an Integrated Pest Management Plan applying different methods, spray, powder, gas, monitors or/and traps. Call us today to get rid of bed bugs.

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