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Bed bugs can be found in all types of homes, luxurious or modest, clean or unsanitary. You should not be ashamed that this insect is in your home, it is important to react properly in order to remove it.

For example bed bugs are insects like size and color of an apple seed. Most of these feeds with human blood and the stings pretty much resemble those of a mosquito. Bed bugs do not like the light and tend to hide in the bedroom; the most popular places are the edges, mattress, joints and other concealed places. The bed bugs are moving without to flying or jumping.

Most pests have a very high speed of propagation within a week, so for example you can be the unfortunate owner of a whole generation of cockroach in the number up to 40 units.

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On-Site Treatment



Post-Treatment Notice


All these actions will be the subject of preventing their impact on health, children or pets. Before proceeding to treatment the place must be prepared by taking certain precautions. First facilitate access of specialist to the place; remove all improper objects, bags etc onto a place that do not tangle. Certain things are required as depending on the success of insect control, namely:

Before the treatment all the plates should be stored in a locker or in polyethylene bags, in a place that will not be subject to treatment.

Lockers must be free of clothes and other stuff that might be harmed by the treatment.

Food of all kinds should be stored to a proper; the treatment is prohibited when these are present.

Before treatment day clothes should be placed in plastic bags. Consider that if the clothes are infected, insects should not be able to get rid of the bags to prevent infection after the site treatment.

Vac the place to remove all garbage and harmful insects, vac including on the top of furniture, in lockers, carpets, all the floors, kitchen etc. Pay attention to the dark places where the insects might hide. Such places as near the wall plinth are insects favourite. Dispose the vac content into a plastic bag and then throw it in the trash outside the home. Make sure the bag is sealed properly to prevent the spread of pests.

All clothes will be washed and dried at high temperature (pay attention to the clothes of wool, may lose its quality, will be washed and dried at a lower temperature, but twice).

The shoes will be placed in plastic bags; it is potential pest’s carrier (such as bedbugs and cockroach). It will be carefully cleaned outside and inside.

Toys for children or animals must be collected or transported in place that will not be subjected to treatment. If there is a possibility that all the toys have undergone treatment should be washed with detergent.

You can enter you place only after 4-8 hours, after the treatment, depending on the type of treatment. Talk to the specialist.

Usually the treatment is performed in your absence, no kids or pets present at place.

ON-Site Notice

As mentioned you can enter your place (home, apartment) only after 4-8 hours, depending on the type of treatment.

When coming into the apartment or other treated space, you need urgently to open the windows for at least 30 minutes. Leave the place to avoid inhalation of volatile products.

All the plates are washed prior to use.

All toys for children or pets will be rinsed before use if was subject of treatment or not, less plastic one.

The floors are washed after 24-48 hours in order to the treatment products to act.

The windows are washed after 24-48 hours in order to the treatment products to act.

If the bed was treated it has to dry properly and would be covered with a new cover.

Communicate with the pest control expert in order to explain the observed feedback immediately or after some time.


Post Treatment Notice

Not worth to hide the fact that there are pests in the home, you must quickly advise the building owner or manager in order to find the infestation. If there is a health problem caused by pests communicate immediately with specialized medical institutions. To prevent problems caused by chemicals used in pest treatment is recommended strictly following steps:

Ordinary hygiene is mandatory such as mopping floors, washing clothes, airing your place.

Food that came in contact with treatment will be sealed in plastic bags and thrown out in the garbage container, preventing access of adults, children or animals.

Clothing and shoes should be washed both prevention purposes and in order to destroy pests potentially hidden there.

If clothing or footwear will be used without being washed there is a big chance that the infestation to occur relatively quickly. In this case the guaranty is not provided.

Here are some simple rules to follow to prevent unwanted insect infestation:

Food should be stored in special places, whether there is an infestation of pests or not. Under special places we mean when keeping bread in bags, refrigerator, or other specialized boxes. Every crumb of food is a source of food for insects, this is the reason why is kept strictly.

One of the pests source are the things taken from the street. It is not recommended to bring mattresses, old wooden furniture, armchairs, sofas, even if it looks to be in good condition. Maybe somebody got rid of them because of the presence of an infestation.

Meals table should be cleaned regularly each time when we eat.

The plates should be washed quickly to prevent pests from spreading and access to food.

The oven should be regularly cleaned of crumbs of food.

Pests aren’t having access to water, the water source is vital for all animals.

Upon entering the house after a walk or visiting an insalubrious place, before entering the house must clean/wash the shoes.


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