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January 6, 2017
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All about mice

bait-station-mouseHave you heard some noise on your attic or between the walls? Or maybe you have noticed some droppings under the sink or behind the fridge? Probably you have mice entering your property. This is a small rodent that may dig some holes indoor or eat some of your cookies  The most common situation is the house mice invading buildings for shelter, food and water. The mice breed all the year around and, theoretically they may have their first generation of pups after only 50-60 days.

Mice can cause significant damage to the structures of the building and spread a specific unpleasant smell. The mice presence will diminish subsequently the price of the property or the rental price. Moreover, it is a transporter of diseases through their droppings, urine or saliva.

A simple fact is that the properties have to be free of rodents, such as mice or rats. As prevention you can use simple techniques, as taking out the potential food or water, sealing the holes with steel wool, and cleaning regularly the area. You can try to catch a mouse with regular traps or glue traps, however it is difficult to fight these social animals.

What Amiral Service Inc. do?
We use an Integrated Pest Management Plan, applying different methods, including glue traps and regular traps for mice.

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